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Does the exterior of your vehicle look like she went head to head against Mother Nature and lost? Is there dirt hiding her beautiful paint job and leaves sticking out of every crevice? You may be tempted to hop in your car and drive down to the automatic car wash on the corner, but will you really get the quality of clean you desire that way? How about you call us instead for all your auto detailing Salem Oregon needs.

Automatic car washes can be a great asset for a quick wash. However, the cloths and brushes in automatic car washes are not always maintained properly, and this can cause unforeseen damages to your car. Debris from cars that have gone through the process before you can become stuck within the cleaning cloths and brushes of the automatic car wash. This could potentially cause micro-scratches or even small dents on the surface of your car.  Our team of detailing experts is properly trained to care for your vehicle and give that magic touch without damaging your vehicle. Don’t waste another moment; call us today for the highest-quality detail and car wash Salem Oregon has to offer.

Exterior Detail starting at $199.99

Our Exterior Detail package offers your vehicle a full wash and microfiber hand dry, designed to protect your vehicle’s sensitive paint job from scratches during the wash and dry process. Our car detailing Salem Oregon squad will also clean the dirt and grime off your door jambs and clean all your windows and other glass surfaces to a streak-free shine. Your tires and wheel wells will also be deep cleaned and degreased, and our expert detailers will finish those areas off with a protective treatment designed to help fight back against daily wear and tear and aid in higher performance. Once we are done, your vehicle will be looking brand-new and ready to hit the road again. Call us today and see what a TRUE clean for your vehicle really looks like. Once you do, you will never want to go anywhere else for all your mobile car detailing needs in Salem and the surrounding areas.  

Do you really want to experience our high-quality detailing services but you don’t have a day off work anytime in the near future? Not to worry! Our highly-trained detailers can bring our cleaning supplies and skills right to you. We can meet you in your work parking lot and detail your vehicle for you while you handle other things on your to-do list. When we say we deliver the best clean around we mean it literally! Call us today and set up a time for our friendly team of detailers to bring our professional mobile car detailing services right to you. All our service packages are customer satisfaction guaranteed. We treat your vehicle the way we would want someone else to treat ours, to ensure that every vehicle we detail receives the best care around. Stop settling for sloppy automatic car washes that never get the job done. Call us today and see what a professionally completed detailing looks like. We get the job done right the first time. 


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